Halloween Blog Hop Kick Off

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!
Blog Hopping stop one!

Halloween is such fun!! My favorite part is black cats…

I’m totally borrowing these from the Gato Negro promos…great wine, cute cats!!

cats around a table drinking

pumpkin cat

wine maze for kitty

witchy cat

I love writing about ghosts and supernatural things but it doesn’t have to be Halloween in New Orleans…
Deanna Oscar is a psychic medium who grew up hiding her gift. But fate and death will lead her to her new life.

Here are the covers…with ghost Gran keeping an eye on Deanna!

Deanna 1 XL

Deanna 2 HR

Visit my Amazon Page to find out more about the Deanna Books: CC Dragon’s Amazon Page

Now to leave you on happy pics! My favorite romantic TV couple, Gomez & Morticia! Plus wine with a full moon…Just what that couple would enjoy…

addams romance

fullmoon wine

Hope you’ve had fun stopping by!

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October 31st is JoLynne Valerie !! Halloween Blog with JoLynne

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