Deanna Oscar Book 9

Haunting your Halloween!!

A Warehouse, A Witch Doctor and a Wedding Web Size

A Warehouse, a Witch Doctor, and a Wedding

 You’re Invited to the wedding of the year!

Dress is formal—Holy Water, recommended…

Deanna Oscar and friends are back, while De is trying to get caught up—Ivy is planning her dream wedding. The venue seems abandoned and full of ghosts, demons, and more…

Getting married in a haunted warehouse is a bad idea! But Ivy has her heart set on the huge venue rip for decoration. She’s sure she can get it cheap. Ivy seems drawn to these extremely haunted locations and De has to put a stop to it before innocent people are hurt.

The owner isn’t worried about anything, even though he calls himself a witch doctor. De knows the homeless squatting there are in danger but she can’t do much without trespassing on private property. Not that that will stop her.

Come along for the ride while murders, kidnappings, and a hot bridesmaids dress land in the lap of New Orleans favorite paranormal problem solver.

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New Deanna Oscar is out!!

Halloween is coming…

Ready for Cannibals? Cemeteries? Sugar Skulls???




Deanna has seen a lot of wild paranormal and supernatural things in New Orleans. But grave robbers? Dead bodies exposed and pieces removed… Who would do that?

Could it be cannibals? Are these hate crimes? Mentally ill criminals? Or is it an elaborate hoax staged by Walking Dead fans?

The Day of the Dead and Halloween are a big deal in the Big Easy. Ghost and cemetery tours mean major business from tons of tourists. This desecration of old graves has to stop.

When the monsters turn out to be real and the dead are being disrespected, the supernatural balance is thrown into chaos. It’s up to Deanna and friends to lock down the paranormal crazy before the veil between the living and the dead is destroyed.


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Halloween Blog Hop Kick Off

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!
Blog Hopping stop one!

Halloween is such fun!! My favorite part is black cats…

I’m totally borrowing these from the Gato Negro promos…great wine, cute cats!!

cats around a table drinking

pumpkin cat

wine maze for kitty

witchy cat

I love writing about ghosts and supernatural things but it doesn’t have to be Halloween in New Orleans…
Deanna Oscar is a psychic medium who grew up hiding her gift. But fate and death will lead her to her new life.

Here are the covers…with ghost Gran keeping an eye on Deanna!

Deanna 1 XL

Deanna 2 HR

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Now to leave you on happy pics! My favorite romantic TV couple, Gomez & Morticia! Plus wine with a full moon…Just what that couple would enjoy…

addams romance

fullmoon wine

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