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Deanna 1 XL

Book 1


Psychic medium Deanna Oscar wants to be a normal psychology professor at a nice college. The universe has other ideas. When the grandmother she never knew dies and leaves her everything, Deanna enters a different world. In New Orleans anything goes and her psychic powers aren’t a secret. She doesn’t plan on staying but a psychic vision puts her on the trail of a killer. Deanna can’t turn her back on the future victims and becomes immersed in her grandmother’s world. She isn’t sure how to manage the mansion and fortune she inherited or the people who came with it. An ex-priest, a Latina drag queen and a socialite beauty queen are the living entourage. Add in a houseful of ghosts and haunted objects and Deanna needs a little help. In over her head, she struggles to catch a killer who is out to get her as well.

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Deanna 2 HR

Blurb: Deanna Oscar and friends are back again–having survived Hurricane Katrina, what could go wrong now? A murder, a visit from her family, and a fake psychic trying to manipulate the vulnerable citizens of New Orleans, to name a few. Add a nosy reporter who pits De against the imposter to solve the murder and De’s life is as crazy as ever.
She does her best to avoid publicity while trying to solve the murder and keep her family out of danger. The family wants her back in Chicago where it’s safe. De is determined to set down roots in the Big Easy. Boring and average just isn’t her style!

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Book 3



Whether it was a time warp or just a time jump, Deanna Oscar spent years in Chicago with her brother while he fought cancer and ultimately lost. But even as a ghost, he’s not making things easier on his sister. He’s refusing to cross over.

De heads back to New Orleans to resume her work but her brother fails to show up in Heaven and Gran is in a tizzy. Also De’s friend, Ivy, committed our favorite medium to do a ghost hunt with one of those annoying TV shows. De wanted things to go back to normal—deal with supernatural problems and catch a murderer or two.

But the location for the ghost hunt is very much haunted and she can’t say no when a man sits in jail for a murder he denies he committed while working at a bar that oozes evil. Deanna juggles angels, demons, and Death himself plus a puppy! She’ll probably solve the mystery, hopefully save her brother, and maybe even find a date to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding in time.

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Books 4 and Beyond!! 

A Casino, A Cheater, and a Charity Ball Full Size
A Plantation, A Tour Guide, and A Poltergeist Full Size

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