New Release!!

The first in an Urban Fantasy Trilogy!


Paranormal kids begin disappearing at higher rates, and the only people who can save them are at odds.

FBI Special Agent Dot Foster keeps tabs on magical cases, but even with everything she’s seen over the years, her most recent case has her stumped.

The only thing half-fae Dot can tell for certain is that dark supernatural forces are behind it. With her human partner out of commission, Dot drags a former agent onto the case. Mason is smart, hot, and magical. They have a complicated past, but she didn’t expect him to be a distraction.

Mason’s much younger sister might be the next target. He’s not willing to trust anyone else to save her…but if he doesn’t respect Dot’s unique gifts, his stubbornness may cost them all their lives.

Supernatural meets the X-Files in ALASKAN MAGIC, an intense urban fantasy by CC Dragon.

FREE in the KU and on sale for a limited time!


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